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About Us

On January 4th, 2011 Donovan Insurance Solutions started in Tarpon Springs, Florida. 

Paul Donovan is a seasoned insurance professional starting his career in 1985 in insurance and risk management services.  He began in New York working for a large national firm for five years before transferring to Florida.  In 1991 Paul led a mid-sized independent insurance brokerage for over ten years, before making partner.  He left that firm and spent the next decade working with two of the top national brokerage houses.  While there, he was responsible for the development of middle market Property and Casualty (P&C) and Workers Compensation accounts. 

Taking this experience and applying the following principles for success, are the driving force of this new company. 

Principals for Success

1.      Deliver significant value so that our clients view our relationship as an investment.

2.      Character and integrity are the cornerstones of business trust.

3.      Excellence is a character trait and “how you do something” is just as important as “what” you do.

4.      Surround ourselves with people who care, have ambition, intelligence, and a "can do" spirit. 

Helping our client’s achieve their goals without keeping score, will be our reward.



Donovan Insurance Solutions was started with the sole purpose of offering unbiased consultative insurance services to businesses and individuals.  Because we are a broker, our allegiance is to our clients.  We value Relationships, Trust and Results.  It is our goal to understand your business so we can serve you better.

Mission Statement

We will work with our clients in a consultative manner and create a professional and honest relationship.  We will assess each of our client’s insurance programs and company needs individually.  We will bring value through strategies in risk transfer, create accountability through a plan and implement resources specific to helping our client’s reach their goals.  At the end of each day, we should be able to confirm that every client was treated ethically and fairly in the same way each of us would want to be treated in business.  Each client will be able to confirm that their premiums are reasonable and appropriate through our verification program.  Transparency and full disclosure is key to a relationship built on trust.  We believe the client, the carrier and the broker can all win in a relationship.

Knowing our clients is our main concern

Understanding our client’s company culture and identifying their business goals, tolerance for risk and potential liabilities is pivotal to our relationship.  Determining what our client’s are trying to fix, accomplish or avoid, is the most important part of what we can do.  Too many “cookie cutter” programs exist that don’t address the specific risks of individual businesses today.  .  Helping our client’s answer the “what would happen if…” type of questions is a primary objective.  Because there is no allegiance to a specific carrier (or broker when acting as a consultant), our main concern is always what’s in the best interest of our client.  We do not accept contingency fees.

The PARC Method

Every business is different.  Like a good doctor we would never prescribe solutions to a problem until we understand what the problem is.  What's important to you? Our consultative process is to first understand your priorities and appetite for risk.  We then implement the PARC method (yes, we invented the acronym) for resolving your insurance concerns.  We start by asking each client what they are trying to Fix, Accomplish or Avoid in the 9 specific areas of their insurance program.

1. Priorities.  What are some of the challenges or concerns your company is facing?

2. Premiums. What specific strategies were provided to you to help you squeeze the most from your insurance budget?

3. Accountability.  How do you hold your broker accountable?

4. Renewals.  How valuable would it be to get your renewals weeks beforehand?

5. Resources.  What resources are you receiving and how are they performing? 

6. Relationship.  What's the most important thing you look for in a broker partner?

7. Claims.  When you measured the costs of your claims to your premiums what was the impact?

8. Coverage.  Options are paramount before making a decision.  What were the results of your last coverage audit?

9. Communication.  How often do you meet with your broker annually and what's your preferred method of contact?






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